Collective3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 5

The Collective3d Portrait Vignettes series is a collection of simple but well detailed scenes for the times you need to render a nice portrait of your favorite character but don’t care for the time and expense of loading in a larger scene.

Old West 1 features a 15 foot by 15 foot Old West Saloon, with furniture and decorations appropriate to the time period.

Simple but elegant, you simply load the scene, load your character, light, and shoot. The smaller scene means less memory and CPU overhead. The floor and wall are individually UV unwrapped and each of the components can be loaded and rearranged to suit your needs.

The set includes the two walls, floor, and ceiling meshes along with a partial upstairs corridor, a stairwell with bench seat, and a lighting sconce. The Iray version features a lighting preset simulating the kelvin color and luminosity of early electric incandescent lights. Each mesh is fully unwrapped and textured with maps up to 4k in resolution.

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