Texture Animator for Daz Studio 4

Texture Animator is a plugin for Daz Studio 4 which supports the new IRAY render engine as well as 3Delight.

User can create up to 100 texture animation jobs per Daz scene, each one can consist of the diffuse, opacity and displacement maps in any combination.
Texture animations are timeline based, one texture animation frame is played for each Daz scene frame, supports up to 60 fps.

Includes Camera Switcher – up to 25 per Daz scene.

Includes Base Opacity Animator, which fades-in or fades-out a models base opacity over the desired frame range, allowing for transporter beaming effects to be created in Daz Studio. Up to 30 per Daz scene and supports models with 30 surfaces or less.

Texture Animator only renders direct to file in image sequence, supported image formats are .jpg, .jpg, .tif and .bmp.

Texture Animator uses image sequences for all texture animations.

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